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ISBN: B00B91R25K.

Nom des pages: 136.

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A few years ago I found my grandfathers accordion in my parent’s attic, it was old, really old, beautiful and very unique. I started researching the accordion. I contacted the Sopriani Company in Italy. This accordion was very old and rare. The early accordions spread through Europe from fairs, traveling merchants and soldiers returning from wars. My research inspired this book.
Late 1800’s a war between Austria and France, fought in Northern Italy. A handsome cavalry officer falls in love with the beautiful daughter of a traveling musical instrument merchant. The young officer and the beautiful young girl find a deep bond and a connection to an accordion, but the war separates the couple. Plagued by the mental and physical trauma of the war, with his memory clouded the officer Stephan Marcinek returns home to the Ukraine. He struggles to clear his thoughts, until a romantic song played on an accordion jogs his memory and he goes on a frantic search to find his lost love. The search moves beyond their lifetimes, through the decades and from Italy to America. The accordion finally brings them together almost one hundred and fifty years later and half a world apart. But the complications of modern life once again tears them apart and once again a frantic search to find a lost love.

Avec leur éthique de travail ouvrier, ils ont pris leur musique dans les rues et ont lâché dans des compétitions connues sous le nom de «Bataille des bandes». Tel est le cas des fissures au coin de l’armoire triple où il rejoint le soufflet. Après tout, la réponse rapide des roseaux est l’une des caractéristiques hautement souhaitables des roseaux.

J’aime tout. Donc, naturellement, j’ai été agréablement surpris de courir à travers les crimes d’accordéon dans le salon PCV. Celui du milieu a une fente réglable à chaque extrémité. Un A à Z de l’accordéon et des instruments connexes. Elle a inspiré Ricky en lui offrant l’opportunité de jouer dans le groupe, un groupe d’une soixantaine d’étudiants.